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New York City Loft Board
What's New

  • The Loft Board has revised its Sales Record form and converted it into a fillable PDF. The new form can be found here. Pursuant to 29 RCNY 2-10 (b) the owner or authorized representative must file a Loft Board approved Sales Record, together with the sales agreement or other documentation substantiating the sale, within thirty (30) days of the sale. Failure to timely file proof of a sale may result in a civil penalty of $4,000.
  • The Loft Board has updated the notice that Owners of IMDs are required to post in their buildings. See, 29 RCNY 2-05(b)(13). A copy of the new notice can be found here. Owners should print out the notice, fill in the information and immediately post the completed notice in the lobby of their IMD building (preferably in a frame). Failure to post the notice may result in a civil penalty of up to $1,000. See, 29 RCNY § 2-11.1(b)(6)(v).

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Loft Board Orders from 1996 to the present are now available online at the Center for New York City Law's Administrative Decision Web site.
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