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Liquor License Applications

All entities applying for a liquor license (original, renewal, alteration, etc.) must submit to CB 10 a SLA 30-Day Advance Notice Form via certified mail. If additional information is needed, the applicant will be notified by the CB 10 office via e-mail and asked to submit a CB 10 Liquor License Questionnaire.
To verify the proposed location falls within the boundaries of CB 10, the boundaries are as follows:

Bounded by Fifth Avenue on the east; Central Park on the south; Morningside Park, Saint Nicholas and Edgecombe Avenues on the west and the Harlem River on the north.

After an application has been received by the CB 10 office, the Economic Development Committee has 30 days to review the application to determine if further action is needed. If the Committee wishes to speak with the applicant, the applicant will be asked to attend the next Economic Development Committee meeting and will be notified in advance.

If the applicant does not receive notice from the Economic Development Committee within 30 days of submission of SLA Advance Notice Form, this indicates the Committee has chosen not to comment on the application and is taking no action. The applicant can then submit the application to the SLA after the required 30 day waiting period.

If requested, the CB 10 Liquor License Questionnaire must be filled out in full, and must be received by the Board Office no later than two weeks prior to the next Economic Development Committee meeting in order to be considered for that meeting. For a schedule of upcoming Economic Development Committee meetings, please click here.

Failure to fill out the requested materials will result in a negative recommendation for the application by CB 10.

If you are required to come before the Committee, you must post public notices at the proposed establishment at least two weeks prior to the scheduled Economic Development Committee meeting.

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