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Public Safety

The purpose of the Committee is to increase public safety in Central Harlem by working collaboratively with local and citywide stakeholders to promote evidence-based and innovative solutions, strategies and tactics to reduce, prevent and deter criminal behavior, with a particular focus on our youth. The Committee does this by facilitating coordination, collaboration, and cooperation between the public and private sectors and non-for profit organizations. By fostering new alliances, coordinating efforts and creating networking opportunities between myriad stakeholders, including local residents, elected officials, law enforcement, education, health, and social service agencies, the Committee aims to enhance, expand and supplement existing efforts to increase public safety in the community. The Committee will identify and mitigate gaps between public, private, and not-for-profit efforts to protect Central Harlem residents who are vulnerable to crime as well as to deter others from engaging in criminal behavior.

Meets the 3rd Wednesday of every month at 6:30 pm

Committee Members:
Charles Johnson*
Safiya Mann**
Jamilah Clark
Christina Curry
Delsenia Glover
Terri Wisdom
Nadine Pinkett
LaShanda Meyers
Staci Ramos
Afrika Owes
Derek Perkinson
Aisha Romany

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