Our Community Profile

Community Board #12 Manhattan covers the neighborhoods of Washington Heights and Inwood, from West 155th Street to West 220th Street, with the Harlem River Drive and the Harlem River forming the eastern and northern boundaries and the Hudson River the western boundary. The 2006 American Community Survey and PUMA Report lists the district's official population as 208,867 (although the true population is most likely much higher when the undocumented who did not respond to the Survey are taken into account), with 74.3% of Hispanic origin, 14.1% White Non-Hispanic, and 8.6% Black Non-Hispanic. The CB12M District is the second most populated community district in Manhattan. CB8M has 5,592 more residents then CB12M, this is partially due to Roosevelt Island being part of CB8M, including a large municipal residential hospital and a very large cooperative housing complex with thousands of residents on the Island. The 2006 ACS Report indicates that CB12M district has 34,871 people between the ages of 5 and 19. This is the largest concentration of children and youth living in a district in Manhattan, according to the report. The 25-54 year age group comprises 47.4% of the district ( 92,682 people), and the 55 and older age group accounts for 22.6% ( 27,159 residents).

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