New York City Police Pension Fund
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Tier 3 - Death Benefits

In Service—Ordinary Death Benefit
To be eligible for an Ordinary Death Benefit, a member needs to have completed ninety (90) days of uniformed service with the NYPD.

 The Ordinary Death Benefit is calculated as follows:
3 x member’s salary raised to the next highest multiple of $1,000
a return of the member’s accumulated contributions

The Ordinary Death Benefit may be paid to multiple beneficiaries.

 Any death benefits paid, except for the accidental death benefit, are in lieu of all other statutory death benefits.

Vested But Not Yet Collecting
A vested member who dies prior to payability is entitled to 50% of an ordinary death benefit. A member must have had ten years of service credit to be eligible for this benefit.  

Accidental Death
An accidental death benefit is payable to an eligible beneficiary if the member dies before the effective date of retirement as the natural and proximate result of an accident sustained in the performance of duty, not caused by the member’s own willful negligence.


The benefit is paid as follows:
A New York City-paid pension based on 50% of final average salary
Special Accidental Death benefit (SADB): A New York State-paid pension equal to the member’s final year’s salary, less the New York City-paid pension, less the Social Security benefits.

 The application for Accidental Death Benefits must be filed within two years of the death of the member.