New York City Police Pension Fund
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Tier 3 - Disability Retirements

An application for Ordinary or Accident Disability may be made by a member in active service who is incapacitated from performing the duties of a police officer. Applications for ODR and ADR are made at the Medical Division, 1 Lefrak City Plaza, 59-17 Junction Boulevard, Corona, New York, 11368. Applicants will be notified of the time to appear before the Medical Board for examination. 

A disability application may be filed by the member or a legally authorized person acting on the member’s behalf; or by a committee or conservator duly appointed by a court of competent jurisdiction; or by the Police Commissioner.

To apply for ODR or ADR, Tier 3 Original and Revised members must sign a waiver of the statutory presumptions. A determination of disability should be made by the Medical Board regardless of any statutory presumptions (except the World Trade Center presumption). Tier 3 Enhanced members are entitled to the benefit of statutory presumptions, which include the Heart Bill and the Exposure (HIV, AIDS, Hepatitis, and Tuberculosis) Bill. 

After the examination, the Medical Board will report to the NYCPPF Board of Trustees with a recommendation for approval or disapproval of the disability application.  After the Board of Trustees meeting, members are informed of the decision and other necessary information.

Ordinary Disability Retirement (ODR)
To be eligible for Ordinary Disability Retirement, a member must be in active service and have at least five years of credited service, but not yet be eligible for a Normal Service Retirement benefit. To retire for ODR a member must also be eligible to receive primary Social Security disability benefits. If a member is also found to be disabled by the Medical Board, ODR benefits commence on or after receipt of primary Social Security disability benefits.


A Tier 3 Ordinary Disability Retirement benefit is calculated as follows:


All Tier 3 ODR Retirees

The greater of:

33 1/3 % of the final average salary
2% of the final average salary   x  years of credited service
-either benefit above, less-
50% of primary Social Security Disability benefit


Accident Disability Retirement (ADR)
To be eligible for ADR, a member must be in active service and be physically or mentally incapacitated for the performance of duty as the natural and proximate result of an accident sustained in active service and not caused by the member’s own willful negligence. Vested members are not eligible to apply for ADR benefits under WTC laws until they reach their 20th anniversary and are collecting retirement benefits. Receipt of ADR is not conditioned on eligibility for, or receipt of, primary Social Security benefits. Accordingly, payment of a benefit from the Fund will commence after approval by the PPF Board of Trustees.

ADR pensions are generally not subject to taxation. All other pensions (Normal Service, Early Service, Ordinary Disability and Vested) are subject to Federal tax, but are exempt from New York City, New York State and Social Security taxes. The tax laws of all states are different and subject to change; if relocating after retirement, the Fund recommends researching the state’s tax laws, or consulting a tax professional.


A Tier 3 ADR pension is calculated as follows:


Tier 3 Original and Revised

Tier 3 Enhanced

50 % of FAS


50% of primary Social Security Disability

75 % of FAS