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Date: Wednesday, June 14, 2000

Release #220-00

Contact: Sunny Mindel/Curt Ritter (212) 788-2958
Bruce Zielsdorf (212) 784-0112 (US Army)


Presents Dual Proclamations Declaring June 14th as
"Army Appreciation Day" and "Flag Day" In New York City

Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani presented dual proclamations during Flag Day ceremonies on the steps of City Hall today, officially declaring June 14th as "Army Appreciation Day" and "Flag Day" in New York City. The Mayor presented the first proclamation to Sergeant Major of the Army Robert E. Hall in recognition of the Army's 225th birthday. The Mayor presented the second proclamation to Peter G. C. Nemiroff, Chairman of the 2000 Flag Day Parade, in recognition of the 223rd anniversary of the adoption of the American Flag by the Second Continental Congress in June 1777.

The Mayor also received a signed lithograph of the oil painting "U.S.A." by artist Irving Boker in recognition of his efforts on behalf the City's Flag Day celebrations.

"To Americans throughout the nation, and people everywhere throughout the world, the American Flag has come to symbolize freedom and independence -- the highest and most noble ideals of our democracy," said Mayor Giuliani. "This year we not only celebrate the 223rd anniversary of the American Flag, we also celebrate the 225th birthday of the United States Army and honor the men and women who have fought on behalf of our great nation to protect this flag and all that it represents.

"In honor of Flag Day, in recognition of the United States Army's 225th birthday, and in appreciation of the men and women who have kept our flag flying high, I am proud to declare today, Wednesday, June 14th, Army Appreciation Day and Flag Day in New York City."

The birth of the United States Army in 1775 was the prelude to the birth of our Nation's freedom. Today's Army, has more than 150,000 men and women soldiers in more than 125 countries around the world, as peacekeepers, humanitarian providers, guardians of democracy and defenders of freedom.

Secretary of the Army Louis Caldera, who was unable to attend today's events, said, "Older than the republic itself, the Army has earned over 173 battle streamers, fighting in more battles, serving in more wars and contributing more soldiers to the cause of peace and freedom than any other service. Together, our Army and America have created a tradition of democracy and a love of individual liberty that our nation and the free peoples of the world have come to rely on. This tradition connects us with the founding values and principles that have made our nation great, and which continue to inspire us today to be a trained and ready Army of dedicated professionals, prepared to meet the challenges of the 21st century."

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