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Date: Wednesday, March 14, 2001

Release # 074-01

Contact: Sunny Mindel / Curt Ritter
(212) 788-2958
  Tom Cocola (212) 442-7033 (DOT)


Encourages New Yorkers to Call 212/718-CALL-DOT to Report a Pothole

Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani and Department of Transportation (DOT) Commissioner Iris Weinshall today repaired potholes on West 24th Street, between Broadway and Sixth Avenue in Manhattan, as part of the Administration's efforts to make City streets smoother, safer and easier for driving. The Mayor and Commissioner noted that since December 30, 2000, when the Mayor announced the City's comprehensive Pothole Repair Blitz, the City has repaired almost 70,000 potholes throughout all five boroughs.

"Since our Pothole Repair Blitz began last December, workers for the Department of Transportation have done a tremendous job of repairing almost 70,000 potholes throughout the City," said Mayor Giuliani. "This past winter was especially harsh on our City's streets and, as a result of the ongoing efforts of the Department of Transportation, when a pothole is reported, it's repaired. On behalf of all New Yorkers who travel on our City's streets, I want to thank Commissioner Weinshall and everyone at the Department for their efforts in implementing this important quality of life initiative."

As part of the ongoing Pothole Blitz, DOT utilizes a 35-person Task Force that worked, at times seven days a week throughout the winter, to repair potholes. Flyers and notifications are continuously distributed throughout the five boroughs asking residents, businesses and Community Boards to identify problem potholes.

DOT Commissioner Weinshall said, "Potholes, unfortunately, are a fact of life in older urban areas such as New York City, that have a high volume of vehicular traffic. Our Department's ongoing efforts to repair potholes aims to remove these nuisances from the City's urban landscape."

Once notified of a pothole, DOT crews arrive at the scene and determine the degree or severity of the damage. Crews will first remove any excess material or debris from the hole and, if there is a jagged configuration to the hole, the crew will square it off. After this procedure, asphaltic cement is poured into the hole, followed by hot mix asphalt. The material is then compacted by machine and the hole is sealed again with the asphaltic cement, making the repair waterproof and the street ready for traffic.

The Mayor encouraged New Yorkers to report potholes to DOT by calling 212/718-225-5368 or 212/718-CALL-DOT.

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