Index to May 1999 Archives of the Mayor's Press Office

Topic Date PR Number
Mayor Giuliani Issued the Following Statement Concerning Governor Pataki's Appointment of Herman Badillo as Chair of the CUNY Board of Trustees May 29, 1999 204-99
Mayor Giuliani Joins Fire Commissioner Thomas Von Essen, Queens Borough President Claire Shulman and the Joint Fireworks Task Force to Remind New Yorkers of the Dangers of Illegal Fireworks May 30, 1999 203-99
Mayor Giuliani Approves Plan to Build Athletic Facilities at Bloomingdale Park in Staten Island May 28, 1999 202-99
Mayor Giuliani Hosts Key to the City and Proclamation Ceremony in Honor of Susan Lucci May 27, 1999 200-99
Mayor Giuliani Signs Bill that Amends the Administrative Code in Relation to the Standards of Conduct for Drivers of Taxicabs and for-hire Vehicles May 27, 1999 199-99
Mayor Giuliani Appoints Four Judges to the Criminal Courts, One Judge to the Family Courts May 26, 1999 198-99
Mayor Giuliani Honors Commanding Officers and Sailors Participating in the 12th Annual Fleet Week May 27, 1999 197-99
Mayor Giuliani Signs Bill that Amends the Administrative Code of the City of New York in Relation to Food Vending in Parks May 26, 1999 196-99
Mayor Giuliani Hosts Reception at Gracie Mansion Commemorating the 100th Anniversary of Fred Astaire's Birth May 26, 1999 195-99
Mayor Giuliani Signs Bill that Adds the Name "Veterans Memorial Triangle" to a Street Triangle Located at 225th Street, 143rd Avenue, and North Conduit Avenue, in Queens May 26, 1999 194-99
Mayor Giuliani Signs Bill that Adds the Name "Marine Corps Boulevard" to Ontario Avenue between Victory Boulevard and Little Clove Road, in Staten Island May 26, 1999 193-99
Mayor Giuliani and ACS Commissioner Scoppetta Honor Twenty-two Foster Parents for their Dedication to NYC Children May 24, 1999 192-99
Mayor Giuliani Presides at Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for Grand Opening of the Benjamin Hotel in Midtown Manhattan, formerly the Hotel Beverly May 22, 1999 191-99
Mayor Giuliani Announces Agreement with the Municipal Committee on Improved Health Insurance Benefits for Employees and Retirees May 21, 1999 190-99
Mayor Giuliani Announces New York City has Regained all of the Private Sector Jobs Lost in the Previous Recession to Surpass 1987 Pre-recession Peak May 20, 1999 189-99
Mayor Giuliani Announces New "No-downpayment" Program to Encourage Police Officers to Buy Homes within the Five Boroughs May 26, 1999 187-99
Mayor Giuliani and Correction Commissioner Kerik Preside at Graduation Ceremony for 132 Correction Officers May 20, 1999 186-99
Mayor Giuliani Applauds New York State Supreme Court Ruling Declaring City's DWI Initiative Constitutional May 19, 1999 185-99
Mayor Giuliani Proclaims May Asian Pacific Heritage Month May 18, 1999 184-99
Mayor Giuliani Announces Citymeals-on-Wheels Second Helping Program May 19, 1999 183-99
Statement by Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani in Response to State Legislature's Repeal of Computer Income Tax: May 17, 1999 182-99
Mayor Giuliani Signs Bill that Adds the Name "Reverend Wesley G. Janzen Place" to the Northeast Corner of the Intersection of White Plains Road and Gleason Avenue in the Bronx May 18, 1999 180-99
Mayor Giuliani Signs Bill that Establishes the Department of Homeless Services as an Independent Mayoral Agency May 18, 1999 179-99
Mayor Giuliani Signs Bill that Adds the Name "Commissioner Lin Ze Xu Square" to East Broadway between Oliver and Catherine Streets within Chatham Square in Chinatown May 18, 1999 178-99
Mayor Giuliani Signs Bill that Adds the Name "Florence Semple Way" on Bowen Street between Sobel Court and Roff Street in Staten Island May 18, 1999 177-99
FBI Releases 1998 Nationwide Crime Statistics New York City 166th in Crime Out of 217 American Cities May 16, 1999 175-99
Mayor Giuliani and State Comptroller Mccall Express Opposition to Albany's Proposed Elimination of the Commuter Income Tax May 16, 1999 174-99
Mayor Giuliani and Speaker Vallone Announce Opposition to Albany's Proposal to Eliminate the Commuter Income Tax May 13, 1999 173-99
Mayor Giuliani Proclaims Arts for All Kids 1999 Day May 13, 1999 171-99
Mayor Giuliani Issued the Following Statement Regarding the Proposed Elimination of the Commuter Income Tax May 11, 1999 170-99
Mayor Giuliani Announces Agreement to Sell 114 Greenthumb Gardens Slated for Auction to the Trust for Public Land and the New York Restoration Project for $4.2 Million May 12, 1999 169-99
Mayor Giuliani and the Office of Court Administration Announce Amendment to the Court Facilities Master Plan May 12, 1999 168-99
Mayor Giuliani Kicks Off 1999 Men's PBA Championship in Bryant Park May 1, 1999 167-99
Mayor Giuliani Announces that Economic Development President Charles Millard has Accepted a Position in the Private Sector May 7, 1999 166-99
Mayor Giuliani Joins Fire Commissioner Thomas Von Essen at Graduation Ceremony for 283 Probationary Firefighters May 6, 1999 165-99
Mayor Giuliani Proclaims Be Kind to Animals Week May 6, 1999 164-99
Mayor Giuliani Honors New York Area Daytime Emmy Award Nominees at City Hall Ceremony May 4, 1999 163-99
Mayor Giuliani and Fire Commissioner Von Essen Dedicate Plaque in Memory of Firefighter Raymond Nakovics May 2, 1999 162-99
Mayor Giuliani, Disney and Espn Announce Plans for Espn Zone May 5, 1999 161-99
Mayor Giuliani Issues Statement in Support of Lowering the Driving While Intoxicated Threshold in New York April 29, 1999 160-99
Mayor Giuliani Announces Major Film and Television Production Facility to be Built at the Brooklyn Navy Yard May 3, 1999 159-99
City's Venture Capital Fund Celebrates Fourth Year of Advanced Technology Investments May 3, 1999 157-99
City Helps Leather Manufacturer Expand in Bronx May 3, 1999 156-99
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