Index to October 1999 Archives of the Mayor's Press Office

Topic Date PR Number
Court of Appeals Upholds City's Decision to Bar KKK from Protesting With Masks October 22, 1999 431-99
Mayor Giuliani and Mayor Campbell of Atlanta Wager Double-or-Nothing on Yankees-Braves World Series October 21, 1999 430-99
Mayor Giuliani Announces City on Pace for Strongest Job Growth in City's History October 21, 1999 429-99
Announces World Series Could Generate as Much as $37.8 Million in New York City October 21, 1999 428-99
Statement Regarding Judge's Ruling Permitting KKK to March in New York City September 28, 1999 427-99
Mayor Giuliani Dedicates Anthony Mosomillo Memorial Courts October 21, 1999 426-99
Dedicates Parks Library at Central Park's Historic Arsenal October 20, 1999 425-99
New York Tops Inc. 500 List for Third Consecutive Year October 19, 1999 424-99
Signs Bill that Names Section of Cross Bay Boulevard "George Meany Way" October 18, 1999 423-99
Signs Bill that Amends Boundary of Southwest Brooklyn Economic Zone October 18, 1999 422-99
Signs Bill that Names the Intersection of 108TH Street and 67TH Road "HOLOCAUST MEMORIAL CORNERS" October 18, 1999 421-99
Signs Bill that Amends Administrative Code in Relation to Residence Requirements for Certain City Employees October 18, 1999 420-99
Signs Bill that Adds the Name "ST. AUGUSTINE WAY" to Section of FRANKLIN AVENUE October 18, 1999 419-99
Signs Bill that Amends Administrative Code in Relation to Toy and Imitation Firearms October 18, 1999 417-99
Signs Bill that Adds the Name "WALTER JONAS JUDAH STREET" TO SECTION OF ST. JAMES PLACE October 18, 1999 416-99
Italian Heritage and Culture Month Celebration October 21, 1999 415-99
New York City Awarded the 1999 Ford Foundation and Harvard University "Innovations in American Government Award" October 19, 1999 414-99
Annouinces Seven Companies to Expand witgh Help From City's Industrial Development Agency October 25, 1999 413-99
Mayor Giuliani And Police Commissioner Safir Honor Fallen Heroes At Police Memorial Ceremony October 15, 1999 412-99
Honors Recipients of 1999 Hundred Year Association Public Service Awards October 14, 1999 411-99
Honors Rockefeller University Professor Gunter Blobel on Winning the 1999 Nobel Prize in Medicine October 14, 1999 409-99
Mayor Giuliani and Mayor Campbell of Atlanta Wager on Mets - Braves Playoff Series October 12, 1999 406-99
Mayor Giuliani Issues Requests for Proposals for Private Operators to Manage John F. Kennedy and Laguardia Airports October 13, 1999 404-99
Mayor Giuliani and Consumer Affairs Commissioner Jules Polonetsky Release Results of Undercover Box Cutter Initiative October 12, 1999 403-99
Mayor Giuliani and Consumer Affairs Commissioner Jules Polonetsky Release Results of Undercover Box Cutter Initiative October 15, 1999 402-99
Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani and Consumer Affairs Commissioner Jules Polonetsky today announced the seizure of 42 tickets to Mets playoff games from an illegal ticket broker October 8, 1999 401-99
Urges Elderly and At-Risk New Yorkers to Get Flu and Pneumonia Shots Early in Flu Season October 15, 1999 400-99
Bronx to Host "Community Conversation" on Y2K October 7, 1999 399-99
Mayor Giuliani Applauds The New York State Legislature For Passing The Clinic Access And Anti-Stalking Act Of 1999 October 8, 1999 398-99
Mayor Giuliani Opens Restored City Hall Park October 7, 1999 396-99
Honors Opera Singer Andrea Bocelli at Gracie Mansion Breakfast October 7, 1999 395-99
Mayor Giuliani And Mayor Rimsza Of Phoenix, Arizona Wager On Mets - Diamondbacks Playyoff Series October 5, 1999 394-99
Mayor Giuliani and Mayor Odom of Arlington, Texas Wager on Yankees -Rangers Playoff Series October 5, 1999 393-99
Mayor Giuliani, Governor Pataki, Texas Governor Bush and Fire Commissioner Von Essen Honor the Memory of 17 of New York City's Bravest October 6, 1999 392-99
Mayor Giuliani and Housing Preservation and Development Commissioner Roberts Kick Off 1999-2000 Heat Season in New York City October 5, 1999 391-99
Hosts Reception at Gracie Mansion to Celebrate the 30th Running of the New York City Marathon October 6, 1999 390-99
Mayor Giuliani Proclaims Hispanic Parade Day In New York City October 4, 1999 388-99
Mayor Giuliani Announces $1 Million Millennium Grant to Support City's Public Schools October 4, 1999 387-99
City Issues Request for Proposals for Development of New High-Tech Districts Throughout City October 4, 1999 386-99
Launches Domestic Violence Awareness Month On Fourth Annual Work To End Domestic Violence Day October 1, 1999 383-99

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