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Anti-Corruption Strategies, Economic Development and Good Governance

June 6-8, 2012

The 10th NYC Global Partners summit was held in New York City on June 6-8, 2012. Developed in cooperation with the New York City Department of Investigation, the summit highlighted the priorities and successful strategies of local integrity systems in advancing a public discourse that emphasizes municipal government’s role in combating corruption.

Participants represented Amsterdam, Antwerp, Bangalore, Bangkok, Bogotá, Budapest, Caracas, Chicago, Córdoba, Dubai, Durban, Guangzhou, Hamburg, Heidelberg, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Johannesburg, Istanbul, Medellín, Mexico City, New York City, Panama City, Prishtina, Québec City, São Paulo, Seoul, Tokyo and Toronto. Delegates also represented the national government of South Africa and the regional governments of Catalonia and Québec.

Summit Executive Summary (in PDF)

Best Practice Reports in Public Integrity (in PDF)

Amsterdam   Corruption Case Study in Street Markets (in PDF)
Hamburg   Citywide Public Integrity Strategy (in PDF)

Transparency Law (in PDF)
Hong Kong   Anti-Corruption Education and Community Relations (in PDF)
New York City   Anti-Corruption Educational Campaign (in PDF)
    Integrity Monitor Program (in PDF)
    DOI's Inspector General Program (in PDF)
    Policy and Procedure Recommendation Program (in PDF)
Quebec (province)   Creating an Anti-Corruption Unit from the Ground Up (in PDF)
Toronto   Informal Complaint Resolution (in PDF)
Vancouver   Open Data Systems (in PDF)

About the Summit
Office of the Mayor Press Release (in PDF
Summit Program (in PDF)

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg (in PDF)
Ambassador Stuart E. Eizenstat (in PDF)
Mayor Edward I. Koch (in PDF)


Mayor Bloomberg's remarks
(with introductions)
Watch here

Opening and Panel I (NYC, Quebec, Hamburg)
Watch here

Panel II (U.S, Caracas, Hong Kong) part I
Watch here

Panel II (U.S, Caracas, Hong Kong) part II
Watch here

Luncheon address by Stuart Eizenstat
Watch here

Mayor Koch's address 
Watch here

Dialogue between Rose Gill Hearn and Preet Bharara
Watch here

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