Bankruptcy Court

Get information about Bankruptcy Court and procedures.

Court and Trust Fund Claim

Information about claiming money from the Court and Trust Fund Account.

Debt Management Tips

Get a flyer with tips for taking control of personal debt.

Employee and Employer Paid Sick Leave

Information for employees and employers about New York City's sick leave law.

Estate Administration Assistance

Get help administering an estate when there is no will.

Financial Education Network

Get information about Financial Empowerment Centers, classes, workshops, counseling, and materials.

Financial Education Network Provider Complaint or Compliment

Make a complaint or compliment about a provider that is part of the Financial Education Network. Check the status of feedback provided.

Municipal Water Finance Authority

Get information about the New York City Municipal Water Finance Authority.

Payday Loan Tips

Get a mini-guide to payday loans, also called check loans.

Pre-Qualified Certified Public Accountant List

Get a list of Certified Public Accountants who have been pre-qualified by the Comptroller's Office.

Property Tax and Interest Deferral (PT AID) Program

Information about income based payment plans for overdue property taxes.

Business Tax Assistance or Refund

Get help with business taxes, business tax refunds, and business tax forms.

Cigarette Purchases on the Internet

Get information about paying tax for untaxed items on the Internet.

Commercial Motor Vehicle Taxes

Get information about the New York State Truck Mileage Tax and the New York City Commercial Motor Vehicle Tax.

Commercial Rent Tax Assistance

Get help with the Commercial Rent Tax.

Federal Tax Assistance

Get information and assistance with Federal tax and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) questions, including Federal tax forms and refunds.

Fire Premiums Tax

Get information about taxes for foreign insurance companies who provide fire coverage for New York City properties.

Hotel Room Occupancy Tax

Get help with the hotel room occupancy tax.

Lien Sales

Get information about liens placed on property due to unpaid property taxes or water, sewer, or other property-related charges.

Manhattan Resident Parking Tax Exemption

Tax exemption for a Manhattan resident who rents a long-term parking space.

New York City Child Care Tax Credit

Get information about a tax credit to help low-income families with the cost of child care.

New York City Personal Income Tax

Get information about the New York City Personal Income Taxes.

New York City School Tax Credit

Get information about a tax credit for residents who cannot be claimed as a dependent by another person.

New York State Taxes

Get information and forms for taxes collected by the State.

Notice of Property Value (NOPV)

Get information about a property’s values, tax class, exemptions, and descriptions.

NYS Real Property Tax Credit

Get information about the real property tax credit IT-214.

Paycheck Plus

Information for participants already enrolled in the Paycheck Plus Program.

Property Tax Bills and Payments

Pay a property tax bill, get account information, and learn about payment options.

Property Tax Exemptions

Learn about a property tax exemption.

Property Tax Map

Request a certified copy of a tax map.

Property Tax Refund Request

Request a refund of overpayment of property tax or other property charge.

Residential Property Tax Guides

Information on New York City Tax Class 1 and Tax Class 2 property values and the property tax process.

RPIE Non-Compliance Notice

Information about the RPIE Non-Compliance Notice from the Department of Finance.

Sales Tax Complaint

Report a merchant charging the wrong amount of sales tax.

Tax Fraud and Evasion

Report tax fraud or evasion by a person or a business.

Tax Preparation Assistance

Use NYC Free Tax Prep services to file your personal income taxes online or in person for free.

Tax Preparation Guide or Complaint

Get information about your rights when working with a tax preparer, or make a complaint about a person offering tax preparation services.

Unclaimed Funds

Get information about whether the State owes you unclaimed funds.

Utility Tax

Get information about taxes for utilities and vendors of utility services.

Vendor Tax Clearance Certificate

Apply for a clearance certificate showing that you paid taxes and can apply to renew a license.