Air Quality

Air Pollution Equipment and Device Information

Get information about air pollution equipment and devices or report broken equipment.

Air Quality

Get information about air quality alerts and air quality after a fire.

Clean Air NY Program

Get information about a program to prevent ozone pollution.

Industrial Process Equipment Permit or Certificate

Apply for a permit to install, permit to operate, or certificate to operate industrial process equipment.

Smoke Free Air Act Waiver

Get information about a waiver to the Smoke Free Air Act.

Dust Control Equipment Permit

Apply for a permit to install and operate equipment that will create or emit dust.

Exhaust System Permit

Apply for a permit to install equipment to remove air contaminants.

Automobile Spray Paint Odor

Report spray paint odor or fumes from an automobile business or repair shop.

Dense Smoke Complaint

Report dense or visible smoke from a chimney or ventilation system.

Dry Cleaning Odor

Report a smell coming from a dry cleaning business.

Dust Complaint

Report dust from roadwork, construction, demolition, renovation, or another source.

Foul Odor from Unknown Source Complaint

Report a foul odor coming from an unknown source.

Gas Leak

Report a gas-related emergency or dangerous condition.

Indoor Air Quality Complaint

Report bad indoor air quality or odor.

Nail Salon Odor

Report a smell coming from a nail salon.

Pigeon Droppings or Odor Complaint

Report pigeon waste or odor.

Restaurant Odor

Report a smell coming from a restaurant.

Sewer Odor or Leak

Report a sewer odor or leak.

Sweet Odor from Unknown Source

Report a sweet smell coming from an unknown source.

Vehicle Exhaust Complaint

Report visible exhaust from a vehicle.

Vehicle Idling Complaint

Report an idling vehicle.