Environmental Protection

Brownfield Cleanup and Redevelopment

Information about brownfield cleanup and redevelopment.

Carbon Challenge

Get information about an initiative to cut greenhouse gas, improve air quality, and fight climate change in NYC.

City Environmental Assessment Statement Form

Get a form that helps the City evaluate the potential environmental impact of projects.

City Environmental Quality Review

Get information about the process for evaluating the potential environmental impact of City projects.

Community Retrofit NYC

A program to assist owners and operators of small- and mid-size private buildings in Central Brooklyn and Southern Queens complete energy and water efficiency retrofits.

Department of Environmental Protection Speaker Request

Request a Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) representative to speak at a public or private function.

Environmental Education

Get information about programs and materials for students to understand environmental issues.

Environmental Protection Agency Research Program

Get information about active environmental research programs.

Green Energy Training at CUNY

Get information on CUNY's Center for Sustainable Energy.

NYC Clean Heat Program

Information about the City's Clean Heat Program.

NYC Retrofit Accelerator

A one-stop resource to help private building owners and decision-makers make energy or water upgrades and comply with local building energy laws.

Organics Collection

Collection of food scraps, soiled paper, and yard waste from single family homes.

Rain Garden Information

You can get information about rain gardens.

Ranger Conservation Corps Program

Get information about a program that allows high school student to work on environmental conservation and restoration projects.

Toilet Replacement Program

Homeowners who receive a letter from the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to inform them that they can participate in this program can apply to receive a residential toilet replacement voucher to upgrade to a high-efficiency toilet.

Water Fountain and Bottle Refill Stations

Water fountains and bottle refill stations throughout the five boroughs.

Asbestos Complaint

Report asbestos that is exposed or disturbed.

Chemical Complaint

Report chemical odor or chemicals that are abandoned, not stored safely, or spilled on a roadway or sidewalk.

Find a Certified Asbestos Contractor

Information about finding a certified asbestos contractor.

Gas Leak

Report a gas-related emergency or dangerous condition.

Household Harmful Products Brochure

Get a brochure about harmful household products.

Lead Law Guide

Get a guide to the Childhood Lead Prevention Act.

Lead Paint

Learn about removing lead paint. Report lead paint or peeling paint in a residential building.

Lead Poisoning Prevention

Get information about lead poisoning prevention or get a blood lead test.

Lead Testing in NYC Parks

Learn about the City's lead testing program in City parks.


Information about mosquitoes.

Oil Spill

Report an oil spill.

Pesticide Use Without Notification Complaint

Report a person or business that uses pesticide without giving advance notice.

Pigeon Droppings Health Effects

Get information about the health effects of pigeon droppings and proper clean up.

Pigeon Droppings or Odor Complaint

Report pigeon waste or odor.

Poison Ivy Complaint

Report poison ivy on private property, school property, or in parks.

Radiation Equipment Permit

Apply for or renew a permit to install an X-ray machine or other radiation producing medical equipment.

Radioactive Material

Report radioactive material that is stored improperly or creating a risk of contamination.

Radioactive Material License

Apply for a license to work with radioactive material.

SAFE Disposal Events

Get information on events to dispose of harmful household products, electronics, and pharmaceuticals..

Standing Water Complaint

Report standing water at an outdoor location.

Syringe on Sidewalk or Street

Report a loose syringe on a street or sidewalk.

Trauma Scene Cleanup

Get information about cleaning up a trauma scene.

West Nile Virus

Get information about West Nile Virus.