Dispute Mediation Assistance

Get a free and confidential referral for dispute mediation.

Noise Code

Information about the City's noise code.

Noise Safety Health

Get information about preventing noise-induced hearing loss.

OATH Hearing Divisions

Get information about how to respond to or pay a City-issued summons, including how to check status, reschedule a hearing, or get a copy of the violation.


Report an alarm going off.

Noise from Air Conditioner or Ventilation Equipment

Report noise from an air conditioner, ventilation equipment, or exhaust device.

Noise from Airplane

Report noise from an airplane.

Noise from Animal Other Than Dog

Report noise from a domestic animal other than a dog.

Noise from Boat

Report noise from a boat in a New York waterway.

Noise from Club or Bar

Report noise from inside a club or bar.

Noise from Construction

Report noise from street or building construction.

Noise from Dog

Report noise from a barking dog.

Noise from Factory

Report noise from a factory, power plant, or other industrial facility.

Noise from Garbage Truck

Report noise from a garbage truck.

Noise from Helicopter

Report noise from a helicopter.

Noise from House of Worship

Report noise from inside a house of worship.

Noise from Ice Cream Truck

Report music from an ice cream truck.

Noise from Intercity Buses

Report noise from intercity or interstate buses.

Noise from Large Party or Large Crowd

Report a large, loud party that has potential for danger.

Noise from Lawn Care Equipment

Report noise from lawn care equipment.

Noise from Neighbor

Report a noisy neighbor.

Noise from Park

Report noise coming from a park.

Noise from Store or Business

Report noise, other than an alarm, from a store or commercial location.

Noise from Street or Sidewalk

Report noise from the street or sidewalk.

Noise from Vehicle

Report noise from a vehicle, including horn honking, engine idling, and loud music.