GreenThumb Program

Get information about a program that helps develop community gardens on previously vacant lots.

Tree Beds

Information about how to maintain City tree beds and keep them safe.

Tree Planting and the MillionTreesNYC Program

Get information about a program to plant and care for a million trees in the next ten years. Report a tree planting to count toward the program.

Tree Work Permit

Apply for a permit to add, prune, decorate, or remove a curbside tree at the property owner's expense.

Trees and Sidewalks Repair Program

Get information about a program to repair qualifying sidewalks severely damaged by curbside tree roots in front of one, two, and three family homes.

Asian Longhorned Beetle Infestation

Report a potential infestation of a tree by the Asian Longhorned Beetle.

Fallen Tree or Branch Removal Request

Request the removal of fallen, dead, or damaged trees or branches.

Tree Destruction Complaint

Report the destruction of a tree on a street or in a park.

Tree Pruning Request

Request pruning of a City tree blocking streetlights, traffic signs or signals, pedestrian or vehicular traffic, or causing damage to property.

Tree Removal or Natural Feature Change in SNAD

Report tree removal or natural feature change in a Special Natural Area District (SNAD).

Tree Stump Removal

Information about City tree stump removals.