Private Homeowner Resources

Basement Apartment Conversion Pilot Program (BACPP)

A pilot loan program to help eligible homeowners in Brooklyn's East New York and Cypress Hills neighborhoods convert existing basements into safe, legal apartments.


Pay online for New York City services, bills, and fees.

Co-Op or Condo Complaint

Make a complaint about a co-op or condo apartment.

Commercial Vehicle Parked in Residential Driveway

Report a commercial vehicle parked in a residential driveway or lot.

Community Retrofit NYC

A program to assist owners and operators of small- and mid-size private buildings in Central Brooklyn and Southern Queens complete energy and water efficiency retrofits.

Department of Buildings Homeowners Night

DOB Homeowners Night Information

Foreclosure Prevention

Get information and assistance with housing and legal counseling if you are a homeowner concerned about foreclosure.

Home Loans for Seniors

Get information about home loans for low and moderate income seniors.

Home Ownership Information

Get information about becoming a homeowner.

HomeBase Program to Prevent Homelessness

Get information about the HomeBase homelessness prevention program.

Housing Mobility Program

Assistance for NYC homeowners who are unable to stay in their homes.

Housing Options for Seniors

Get information about housing options for seniors, including nursing and adult homes, assisted living, enriched housing, and roommate matching assistance.

Housing Rules and Regulations for NYC Owners and Tenants

Information about rules and regulations for owners and renters of City apartments.

Lease or Sell Real Estate to the City

Get information about how landlords and property owners can sell or lease property to the City.

Light from Parking Lot Complaint

Report bright lights from a parking lot shining into an apartment or building.

Mortgage Assistance Program Loans

Get information about the Mortgage Assistance Program.

Noise from Air Conditioner or Ventilation Equipment

Report noise from an air conditioner, ventilation equipment, or exhaust device.

Noise from House of Worship

Report noise from inside a house of worship.

Noise from Lawn Care Equipment

Report noise from lawn care equipment.

Noise from Neighbor

Report a noisy neighbor.

Notice of Property Value (NOPV)

Get information about a property’s values, tax class, exemptions, and descriptions.

Notice of Recorded Document Program

Get information about the Notice of Recorded Document Program

NYC Office of the Taxpayer Advocate

Get general information and answers to questions about individual property tax concerns.

Property Tax and Interest Deferral (PT AID) Program

Information about income based payment plans for overdue property taxes.

Property Tax Exemptions

Learn about a property tax exemption.

Repair Loan Programs for Small Homes and Apartment Buildings

Get information about grants and low-interest renovation loans for building owners.

Residential Property Tax Guides

Information on New York City Tax Class 1 and Tax Class 2 property values and the property tax process.

Vacate Orders

Get information about a vacate order or report failure to vacate.

Vacate Orders for Building Structures Damaged by Hurricane Sandy

Get vacate order information for properties affected by Hurricane Sandy.

Vehicle Blocking Driveway Complaint

Report a driveway blocked by a vehicle.

Water Debt Assistance Program - Lien Sale

Get information about the Water Debt Assistance Program for properties with overdue water and sewer bills that are scheduled for the 2019 lien sale.

Air Conditioner Installation Guidelines

Guidelines for installing a window air conditioner.

Bed Bugs

Report bed bugs.

Deck or Porch Permit

Apply for a permit to construct or alter a deck or porch.

Demolition of Buildings with Irreparable Damage Caused by Hurricane Sandy

Get information about the demolition of buildings with irreparable damage caused by Hurricane Sandy.

Expedited Sidewalk Repair Program

Get your sidewalk repaired.

Fence Permit

Apply for a permit to build or install a fence.

Garage or Driveway Permit

Apply for a permit to construct or alter a garage or driveway.

Graffiti Report from Building Owner

Report graffiti that is on a building you own.

Home Improvement Guide

Get a guide to working with home improvement contractors.

Home Repair Assistance for Seniors

Get help with home repairs for low and moderate income seniors.

Inspection for Building Structures Damaged by Hurricane Sandy

Request an inspection of a building structure with significant structural damage caused by Hurricane Sandy.

Large Planter Permit

Apply for a permit to install a planter larger than 2 feet by 2 feet on your property.

Lead Paint

Learn about removing lead paint. Report lead paint or peeling paint in a residential building.

Mold Treatment Program for Sandy Victims

Information about mold treatment services for eligible homeowners and renters in Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island.

New Sidewalk Installation

Get information about installing a sidewalk in a place where a sidewalk has never been built.

OATH Hearing Divisions

Get information about how to respond to or pay a City-issued summons, including how to check status, reschedule a hearing, or get a copy of the violation.

Re-Inspection for Building Structures Damaged by Hurricane Sandy

Owners can request a re-inspection after hazardous conditions have been corrected.

Revocable Consent Application

Apply for permission to install or maintain a structure affecting the street or sidewalk.

Sidewalk Cleaning Enforcement or Sticker Request

Get information about when summonses may be issued for dirty sidewalks and gutters. Request a sticker listing enforcement hours.

Sidewalk Repair Payment Plan Request

Request a payment plan for sidewalk repairs billed by the City.

Sidewalk Repair Protest

Report a problem with a sidewalk that the City repaired.

Sidewalk Valve Covers

Get information about a missing or damaged sidewalk valve cover.

Sidewalk Violations

Learn about sidewalk violations, request a sidewalk inspection, or get a violation removed or dismissed.


Get information about sidewalk maintenance or report a sidewalk condition.

Trees and Sidewalks Repair Program

Get information about a program to repair qualifying sidewalks severely damaged by curbside tree roots in front of one, two, and three family homes.

Automated Water Meter Readings Online

Information about viewing automated water meter readings online.

Cable Provider Complaint

Report a problem about a cable company.

Cell Phone Coverage

Get information or make a complaint about cell phone coverage.

Cell Phone Number Portability

Get information about the law that requires cell phone service providers to allow customers to keep their phone number when changing carriers.

Cell Phone Purchase Complaint

Make a complaint about the purchase of a cell phone.

Cell Phone Service Provider Complaint

Make a consumer complaint about cell phone service.

Electric Utilities Customer Service Request

Get billing and meter information for City electrical utilities.

Electrical Complaint or Power Outage

Report an electrical complaint, a power outage, or blackout.

File Con Edison Power Outage Claim

Get information about how to file a claim with Con Edison to get money back for food or medicine spoiled during a power outage.

Final Water Meter Reading

Arrange for water meter reading prior to sale.

Gas Utilities Customer Service Request

Get answers to questions about gas bills from City utilities.

Heat and Utility Bill Assistance

Get help paying household utility and heating bills. Get information about the Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP).

Heat or Hot Water Complaint

Make a complaint about a building that is too cold, overheated, or has no hot water.

Home Heating Oil Company Complaint

Make a complaint about a home heating oil business imposing illegal credit terms, issuing an improper contract or receipt, or shortchanging the amount of oil dispensed.

Home Oil or Chemical Spill

Get assistance with an oil or chemical spill within your home or backyard.

Planned Water Shutdowns

Get information about scheduled water main shutdowns and water disruptions.

Residential Sprinkler System Test

Get information about residential sprinkler system testing.

Restore Electricity to Buildings Affected by Hurricane Sandy

Get information on how to restore electricity to your building.

Restore Gas to Buildings Affected by Hurricane Sandy

Get information on how to restore gas to your building.

Telephone Bill Complaint

Make a complaint about incorrect or unexplained charges on a landline telephone bill.


Get information and assistance with Verizon services and programs.

Verizon City-Wide Cable TV Franchise

Get information about the New York City Verizon FiOS citywide Cable TV Video Franchise.

Water and Sewer Bill

Get information about water and sewer bills, including payment and dispute information.

Water and Sewer Bill Increase Complaint

Make a complaint about the recent water and sewer rate increase.

Water and Sewer Rate

Get information about water and sewer bill rate increases.

Water and Sewer Service Line Protection Program

Voluntary program to cover the repair of broken water and sewer lines.

Water Complaint

Report no water, no hot water, only scalding hot water, or poor water quality or pressure.

Water Drainage Complaint

Report a problem with building or property drainpipe or drainage.

Water Leak Notification Program

Sign up for notification of possible water leaks on your property.

Water Meter Complaint

Report a water meter that is broken, leaking, frozen, missing, or stolen.

Water Meter Inspectors

Get information about how to identify a legitimate water meter inspector. Report suspicious activities or impersonation of an inspector.

Water Meters

Get information about water meter installation, replacement, and operation.

Water Service Activation

Get information about activating water service.