Bronx Preparedness Weekend

Find out how you can be prepared for fires and other emergencies.

CPR and AED Training

Free CPR and AED training classes offered by FDNY.

Find a Firehouse

Find a local firehouse.

Fire Code Review

Get information about the fire code, including answers to questions about technical requirements, code or engineering, requests for variance, and reviews of architectural plans to determine fire code compliance.

Fire Hydrant Request

Request hydrant installation, removal, relocation, locking, unlocking, or spray cap fitting.

Fire Prevention at Special Event Request

Request Fire Department staff resources at a high visibility or high occupancy event.

Fire Safety

Get information about fire safety from the Fire Department or request a fire safety education speaker.

Fire Safety Program

Get information about a community outreach campaign to teach fire safety.

Fire Zone Learning Center and Store

Get information about the Fire Department's fire safety learning center.

Hotdog the Fire Department Mascot

Get information about the Fire Department's mascot who provides educational entertainment on fire and burn safety to children.

Volunteer Firefighter Background Checks

Get information about criminal history checks for volunteer fire department applicants.

Emergency Action Plan (EAP) Director On-Site Test

Request an on-site Emergency Action Plan (EAP) Director test.

FDNY Permit or Inspection

Apply for a permit or request an inspection for a business or high occupancy residential facility.

Fire Alarm and Suppression System Installation

Request fire alarm, range hood suppression, or sprinkler or standpipe installation inspection.

Fire Alarm Inspection

Request a fire alarm inspection.

Fire Department Certificate of Fitness

Get information about how to obtain a Certificates of Fitness, which is required for certain hazardous occupations.

Fire Hydrant for Commercial Use Permit

Apply for a permit for commercial use of a fire hydrant.

Fire Safety Director On-Site Test

Request an on-site Fire Safety Director test.

Fire Suppression Contractor License

Apply for a fire suppression contractor's license.

Gas Station Discharge Line Inspection

Request a gas station discharge line inspection.

Hazardous Material Inspection

Request a hazardous material storage inspection.

Mechanical Sprinkler or Standpipe Inspection

Request a mechanical sprinkler or standpipe inspection.

Open Flame Inspection

Request an inspection for an open flame permit.

Place of Assembly Inspection

Request an inspection for a public assembly or temporary public assembly permit.

Portable Fire Extinguisher Servicing Application

Apply for portable fire extinguisher servicing.

Range Hood or Micro Switch Inspection

Request a range hood or micro switch inspection.

Residential Sprinkler System Test

Get information about residential sprinkler system testing.

Sidewalk Cafe Heater Inspection

Request an inspection for a sidewalk cafe heater permit.

Fire or Ambulance Report

Get a fire, ambulance, or enforcement report from the Fire Department.

Arson Tip

Provide information about a fire that may have been deliberately set.

Find a Firehouse

Find a local firehouse.


Report a fire.

Fire Alarm Box Complaint

Report a problem with a fire alarm box.

Fire Department Violations

Get information about a violation issued by the Fire Department.

Fire Hazard Complaint

Report a potential fire hazard.

Fire Hydrant Complaint

Report a hydrant that is damaged, missing, or being used inappropriately.

Fire Hydrant Leaking or Running

You can report a hydrant that is leaking, running, or running at full blast and with great force. The City inspects hydrants running at full blast within 24 hours.

Smoke or Fumes

Report smoke or fumes.

Become a Firefighter, EMT, or Paramedic

Get information about becoming a firefighter, emergency medical technician (EMT), or paramedic.