Safety & Crime

Abandoned Baby Prevention

Get information about what to do with an unwanted newborn or baby.

Cash for Guns Program

Turn in a gun at any police precinct.

Crime Stopper Program

Provide information about violent felonies, burglaries, and warrants.

Crime Victim Assistance

Get help for a crime victim.

Death Investigations

Get information about a death investigation.

Domestic Violence Help for Victims

Get help with domestic violence services, regardless of immigration status or language.

Donate to the New York Police and Fire Widows' and Children's Benefit Fund

Donate money to help the families of police officers and firefighters killed in the line of duty.

Donate to the New York Police Department

Donate money to the New York Police Department.

Find a Police Precinct or PSA

Find a police precinct or police service area (PSA).

Fingerprinting for Center-Based Day Care or Pre-School

Get fingerprinting for center-based day care or pre-school staff.

Fingerprinting Request

Request to be fingerprinted.

Gang Resistance Education and Training (GREAT) Program

Get information about a program that aims to reduce gang activity.

Gun Laws

Learn about the rules for buying, selling, and owning firearms in New York City.

Handgun, Rifle, or Shotgun Permit

Apply for or renew a permit to own a handgun, rifle, or shotgun.

Human Trafficking Victims Assistance

Get help for victims of human trafficking.

Intimate Partner Violence Health Bulletin

Get a health bulletin about violence between intimate partners.

Lead Poisoning Prevention

Get information about lead poisoning prevention or get a blood lead test.

Mayors Against Illegal Guns

Find out about the Mayor's participation in a national gun control coalition.

Meningitis Vaccination

Get information on the meningitis vaccine for adults.

Military Draft Selective Service Registration

Register to be eligible for the military draft should it become necessary.

Missing Person

Report information about a person who may be missing, abducted, or kidnapped or get information about the status of a missing person.

New York Police Department

Get information about the New York Police Department.

NYC Secure Mobile App

Free app to protect New Yorkers from malicious cyber activity on mobile devices.

NYC Vision Zero Action Plan

Get information about the Vision Zero Action Plan.

Order of Protection

Get information about how and where to file an Order of Protection.

Order of Protection Serving Assistance

Get help serving a summons directed by an Order of Protection.

Pigeon Droppings Health Effects

Get information about the health effects of pigeon droppings and proper clean up.

Police Auctions

Get information about the New York Police Department's seized property auctions.

Police Barricade Request

Request to have a sawhorse, cement, or metal barricade set up.

Police Officer for Private Duty Request

Get information about hiring a police officer for private duty.

Police Stop - Body Camera Footage

Request the release of body camera footage by an NYPD officer.

Request Police Stop Report

Request information about why you were stopped by an NYPD officer.

Right to Know

Learn about the business cards police officers use to identify themselves during a police stop.

School Crossing Guard Request

Request a crossing guard for a specific intersection near a school.

Security Survey Request

Request a free, confidential security survey for a resident or business.

Sex Offender Registry Lookup

Check if a person is registered as a New York State Sex Offender.

Task Force on Behavioral Health and the Criminal Justice System

Information on the task force to reduce unnecessary arrests and incarceration of people with behavioral health issues.

Trauma Scene Cleanup

Get information about cleaning up a trauma scene.


Get information about tuberculosis screening and treatment.

United States Coast Guard

Get information about the United States Coast Guard.

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) Etching Request

Request Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) etching for a vehicle.

West Nile Virus

Get information about West Nile Virus.

Young Men's Initiative

Information about programs and policies to address disparities that impact boys and men of color.

Youth Police Academy Program

Get information about a program that offers children and young adults a chance to train with police officers during the summer.

Abandoned Vehicle

Report an abandoned vehicle on public or private property.

Arson Tip

Provide information about a fire that may have been deliberately set.

Assault Complaint

Report an assault.

Bar or Club Operating After Hours Complaint

Report a bar or club operating after hours.

Bat Contact with Person or Animal

Report of a bat that has bitten or scratched a person or animal.

Bees or Wasps Complaint

Make a complaint about a property owner who does not remove bees or wasps from their property.

Biking, Rollerblading, or Skating Complaint

Report a problem caused by people biking, riding motorized scooters, rollerblading, or skating.

Blocked Sidewalk or Street Complaint

Report a blocked sidewalk or street.

Car Accident

Report a car accident.

Child Abuse

Report possible child abuse or neglect.

City Marshal Complaint

Make a complaint about a City Marshal.

Communicable Diseases

Get information about or report a communicable disease.

Conversion Therapy Complaint

Complaint about a person offering or providing conversion therapy services for a fee.

Cop Shot Tips

Provide information or tips about the shooting of a police officer.

Counterfeit Currency Complaint

Report counterfeit United States currency.

Counterfeit Item Sale Complaint

Report the sale of a counterfeit item by a street vendor or store.

Crime Emergency

Report a crime emergency in progress.

Criminal Mischief Complaint

Report criminal mischief, vandalism, or activity that has resulted in property damage.

Dangerous Location or Situation

Report a situation with potential for immediate danger to life and/or property.

Disorderly Person or Group

Report a disorderly person or group creating a hazard or nuisance.

Domestic Violence

Report domestic violence.

Drag Racing

Report drag racing.

Drinking Complaint

Report underage drinking or drinking outdoors, in parked cars, or unlicensed establishments.


Drones are more formally known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV).

Drug Activity Complaint

Report illegal drug use or sale.

Emotionally Disturbed Person

Report an emotionally disturbed person.

Fireworks Complaint

Report the illegal use or sale of fireworks.

Food Safety or Poisoning Complaint

Report food poisoning or unsanitary conditions where food is sold.

Gun Stop Program

Provide information or tips about the sale or possession of illegal guns.


Report harassment or stalking.

Hate Crimes

Tips about past hate crimes.

Homeless Person Complaint

Report a homeless person who is ill, dangerous, creating a hazard, outstretched in a subway, or encamped.


Report the use of a hoverboard.

Human Trafficking Victims Assistance

Get help for victims of human trafficking.

Identity Theft

Get information about how to prevent identity theft or report identity theft.

Illegal Animal Complaint

Report a person selling or keeping a wild or illegal animal as a pet.

Illegal Gambling Complaint

Report illegal gambling.

Illegal Parking Complaint

Report an illegally parked vehicle.

Illegal Parking Complaint - Intercity Buses

Report an intercity bus violating parking rules including picking up or dropping off passengers at non-permitted locations.

Lewd Act

Report a lewd act done intentionally in public or in a place that others cannot avoid seeing it.

Lifeguard Complaint

Make a complaint about a lifeguard.

Lost or Found Property Information

Report lost or found property.

Medical Emergency

Report a medical emergency in progress.

Offensive Sexual Material Complaint

Report the display of obscene sexual material at a newsstand or public location.

Organized Crime and Tips

Provide information or tips about organized crime.

Overcrowded Bar or Club Complaint

Report overcrowding or any other safety hazard in a bar or club.

Panhandling Complaint

Report panhandling.

Pigeon Droppings or Odor Complaint

Report pigeon waste or odor.

Police Officer Impersonation

Report a person impersonating a police officer.

Police Officer Misconduct

Report misconduct by a New York City police officer.

Police Officer Serious Misconduct or Corruption

Report corruption or illegal activity by a New York City police officer.


Report prostitution.

Public Defecating or Urinating

Report a person defecating or urinating in public.

Rat or Mouse Bite

Report a rat or mouse bite.

Reckless Driving

Report reckless or dangerous driving in progress.

Report Child Pornography

Call 911 to report child pornography.

Report Discrimination

Report discrimination to the Commission on Human Rights.

Report Fraud from Hurricane Sandy

Report fraud from Hurricane Sandy.

Right to Know

Learn about the business cards police officers use to identify themselves during a police stop.

Sexual Assault

Report sexual assault or get help for victims.

Shots Fired

Report gun shots fired.

Sick or Injured Animal

Report an injured or sick stray animal.

Social Club Safety Complaint

Report an obstructed or locked exit, overcrowding, lack of exits, or lack of alarms or sprinklers at a social club.

Squeegee Complaint

Report a person requesting money for unwanted car window washing.

Standing Water Complaint

Report standing water at an outdoor location.

Stolen Property

Report stolen property.

Stolen Vehicle

Report a stolen vehicle.

Street Con Game Complaint

Report a street con game, such as three card monte.

Street Vendor Complaint

Report a problem with a street vendor or peddler.

Suspected Terrorism

Report suspected terrorist activity.

Suspicious Package

Report a suspicious-looking package.

Suspicious Vehicle

Report a suspicious-looking vehicle.

Tax Fraud and Evasion

Report tax fraud or evasion by a person or a business.

Theft of Service Complaint

Report the use of a service without paying for it.

Threat to Public Official

Report a person threatening a public official, building, facility, or government employee.

Ticket Scalping Complaint

Report illegal ticket sale.


Report trespassing.

Unauthorized Cigarette Sale Complaint

Report the sale of cigarettes in an unauthorized location or that may have avoided applicable City and State taxes.

Unleashed Dog Complaint

Report an unleashed dog.

Vehicle Blocking Driveway Complaint

Report a driveway blocked by a vehicle.

Youth Currently in Trouble

Report a child or young adult currently missing, truant, lost, runaway, in the park between dusk and dawn, or in any other situation that may cause harm.

Youth Playing in an Unsuitable Place

Report a child or young adult playing games in an unsuitable place.

Become a Crossing Guard

Get information about becoming a part-time crossing guard.

Become a Lifeguard

Information about the Lifeguard Program.

Become a Parks Mounted Auxiliary Officer

Information on volunteering to become a Parks Mounted Auxiliary Officer.

Become a Police Officer

Learn about becoming a police officer.

Become a School Safety Agent

Get information about becoming a School Safety Agent.

Become an Auxiliary Police Officer

Get information about becoming an auxiliary police officer.

City Marshal Bonds

Get information about a bond filed by a Marshal.

Law Enforcement Explorer Program

Get information about a law enforcement career exploration program for teens and young adults.