Sidewalks & Driveways

Expedited Sidewalk Repair Program

Get your sidewalk repaired.

LinkNYC Free Wi-Fi

Get information or make a complaint about free public Wi-Fi hubs.

Mobility Management Resource Guide

Get a copy of the Mobility Management Resource Guide.

New Sidewalk Installation

Get information about installing a sidewalk in a place where a sidewalk has never been built.

OATH Hearing Divisions

Get information about how to respond to or pay a City-issued summons, including how to check status, reschedule a hearing, or get a copy of the violation.

Revocable Consent Application

Apply for permission to install or maintain a structure affecting the street or sidewalk.

Sidewalk Cleaning Enforcement or Sticker Request

Get information about when summonses may be issued for dirty sidewalks and gutters. Request a sticker listing enforcement hours.

Sidewalk Repair Payment Plan Request

Request a payment plan for sidewalk repairs billed by the City.

Sidewalk Repair Protest

Report a problem with a sidewalk that the City repaired.

Sidewalk Valve Covers

Get information about a missing or damaged sidewalk valve cover.

Sidewalk Violations

Learn about sidewalk violations, request a sidewalk inspection, or get a violation removed or dismissed.


Get information about sidewalk maintenance or report a sidewalk condition.

Snow Information

Find out what you need to know during a snowstorm in NYC.

Trees and Sidewalks Repair Program

Get information about a program to repair qualifying sidewalks severely damaged by curbside tree roots in front of one, two, and three family homes.

Active Street or Sidewalk Construction Permit Status

Check the status of an active street construction or sidewalk repair permit.

Curb Cut Permit

Apply for a permit to create or modify a curb cut.

Garage or Driveway Permit

Apply for a permit to construct or alter a garage or driveway.

Newsrack Information and Registration

Get information and registration forms for newsrack owners or operators.

Sidewalk Banner Permit

Apply for a permit to hang a banner over a sidewalk.

Sidewalk Construction Permit

Apply for a permit to repair a broken sidewalk or install a new one.

Sidewalk Shed Permit

Apply for a permit to construct a sidewalk shed.


Report an alarm going off.

Blocked Sidewalk or Street Complaint

Report a blocked sidewalk or street.

Commercial Vehicle Parked in Residential Driveway

Report a commercial vehicle parked in a residential driveway or lot.

Curb Complaint

Report a curb that is damaged, painted, or illegally cut for a driveway.

Dirty Sidewalk or Gutter Complaint

Report that a sidewalk or gutter, including 18 inches into the street, is unclean.

Dumpster Complaint

Report a dumpster overflowing with garbage or construction debris.

Newspaper Box Complaint

Report a problem with a sidewalk newsrack.

Noise from Street or Sidewalk

Report noise from the street or sidewalk.

Noise from Vehicle

Report noise from a vehicle, including horn honking, engine idling, and loud music.

Pay Phone Complaint

Report a broken, damaged, or dirty payphone located on a street or in a subway station.

Pedestrian Ramp Complaint or Request

Report a damaged pedestrian ramp or request the installation of a new ramp.

Pedestrian Signal Displaying both Walk and Don't Walk

Report a pedestrian signal that displays the Walk and Don't Walk symbols at the same time.

Sidewalk Collapsed

Report a sidewalk that has collapsed.

Sidewalk or Street Grating Complaint

Report a sidewalk or street grating that is defective, damaged, or missing.

Sidewalk Staircase Defect

Report a problem on a sidewalk stairway that connects two different street levels.

Sidewalk Washing Complaint

Report sidewalk washing when it is not allowed.


Get information about sidewalk maintenance or report a sidewalk condition.

Snow or Ice on Sidewalks Report

Report that snow or ice has not been cleared from sidewalks.

Vehicle Blocking Driveway Complaint

Report a driveway blocked by a vehicle.