Air Quality

The State provides alerts for Air Quality Action Days. These alerts are issued on days when air quality is predicted to be unhealthy for sensitive groups. People with heart and lung problems, the elderly, and children are more sensitive to outdoor air pollution.

When an Air Quality Alert is in effect:

  • Stay indoors and do not exert yourself unnecessarily.
  • Limit driving. Share a ride, use transit, or work from home.
  • Refuel your car after dark. This prevents pollutants from being emitted into the air that react with sunlight and heat to create ground-level ozone.
  • Use your air conditioner less. Set your home air conditioner at a slightly higher temperature than normal to conserve energy and decrease pollution.
  • Do not mow lawns.
  • Do not paint or use aerosol products. Painting and spraying add harmful vapors to indoor and outdoor air.

The City provides health and safety information about air quality after a fire.