Find a Towed Vehicle

Vehicles can be towed if they are parked illegally or if you owe more than $350 for parking tickets or camera violations that are in judgment. If your vehicle is towed due to parking tickets or camera violations, it does not matter whether it is parked on a public street or private property. Any vehicles registered under your name may be towed for judgment debt.

You can get information about towed vehicles, including the agency that towed the vehicle, the vehicle's current location, and payment options for outstanding fines, penalties or fees.

If your vehicle is towed, it may take up to two hours for it to be entered into the system. If your vehicle is not in the system and it has been less than two hours, check back again later. If it has been more than two hours, contact the police precinct where the vehicle was parked. You will be able to confirm that it was towed or report it as stolen.