Carbon Monoxide Detectors

The City requires the installation of carbon monoxide detectors (alarms) in all new and existing one- and two-family homes, apartment buildings, and hotels. Carbon monoxide detectors are also required in dormitories, nursing homes, and schools. The carbon monoxide detectors must be installed within 15 feet of the primary entrance to each sleeping room. This applies to all multiple dwellings and one-family and two-family homes.

The City may not issue a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy or a final Certificate of Occupancy unless carbon monoxide detectors are installed in accordance with the law.

Carbon monoxide detectors are required to be replaced as their useful life expires, according to the manufacturer's instructions and based on the original date of installation. The replacement device must be a model that has an end-of-life alarm.

While owners are required to install and replace carbon monoxide detectors, tenants are responsible for maintaining them and changing the batteries. Tenants must pay the owner $25 when the owner installs a new carbon monoxide detector, replaces a carbon monoxide detector that has reached the end of its useful life, or replaces one that the tenant lost or damaged. Tenants have up to 1 year to make the payment.