CFC and Freon Removal Appointment

You must make an appointment before discarding any appliance containing Freon or chlorofluorocarbon gas (CFC) from your residence.

Appliances with CFC include:

  • Refrigerators/Freezers with non-flammable freon (for safety reasons, doors, hinges, and locks must be removed)
  • Air conditioners/Dehumidifiers
  • Water coolers

You can schedule up to six appliances for CFC removal per appointment.

You must place all appliances out with their backs facing the street. Only appliances that are tagged for pick-up will be collected.

You may cancel a CFC and Freon removal appointment no later than 4 PM the day before the appointment. If the appliance is at the curb, you must bring it back inside before the appointment date.

Sanitation cannot pick up refrigerators that have flammable warning stickers on them. This sticker indicates that the unit contains a new kind of Freon. If your unit has this new type of Freon in it, you'll find the sticker on the back of the unit and is a yellow triangle with a black flame in it. 

Residents will need to contact the manufacturer of the appliance or a waste removal vendor for options to safely dispose of the appliance. 

If you put out a refrigerator with the new type of Freon in it, Sanitation will not pick it up. Instead, it will be tagged with a red sticker that has information about how you can dispose of your unit.