Parking Ticket and Camera Violation Programs for Businesses

There are several programs available to help commercial vehicle owners track and manage their New York City parking tickets, bus lane, and red light camera violations, including the Fleet Program, Stipulated Fine Parking Programs, Commercial Overpayment Program, and Vehicle Rental Company Program.

The Fleet Program helps businesses keep track of the parking tickets and camera violations issued to their commercial vehicles. Any business with one or more vehicles registered or leased under the company's name and address can participate. Businesses in the Fleet Program receive weekly reports electronically or by mail listing violations issued to all their enrolled vehicles. The business has a penalty-free period of 45 days to address those violations.

If your company is in the Fleet Program, you can also enroll in a commercial parking ticket program that reduces the amounts due for parking violations. Once you submit the "Application for Stipulated Fine Parking Programs" with a description of your business's pickups, deliveries, or service calls, the Department of Finance will determine whether your company is eligible for the NYC Delivery Solutions Program or the Commercial Abatement Program.

The Commercial Overpayment Program provides an automatic statement of overpayments for tickets and camera violations for businesses with 10 or more vehicles registered with the DMV under the same firm name and address. The businesses are given the choice of having the money refunded or applied to unpaid parking tickets or camera violations.

The Rental Program lets vehicle rental agencies transfer liability for tickets and camera violations to the customers responsible for them. Participating businesses receive weekly reports listing new violations and have 54 days to submit the renter's name and address, request a hearing, or pay the fines.