Curb Complaint

The curb is considered to be a part of the roadway and owned by the City of New York. The City accepts reports of curb conditions. You can report a curb that is damaged, illegally painted by a property owner to discourage parking, or illegally cut for a driveway. You must provide the exact street address of the property where the condition exists.

A curb should be maintained, because it:

  • Facilitates the life of the sidewalk
  • Protects the sidewalks from vehicular traffic
  • Channels water properly to catch basins 
  • Prevents erosion and ponding

DOT will inspect the condition of the curb and sidewalk at the location. Property owners are responsible for the maintenance and repair of their sidewalk. The City encourages property owners to repair or replace missing or damaged curbs at the same time as a sidewalk repair or installation.

If a sidewalk is found to be defective, the property owner will be notified. If a curb is missing or damaged, the City may repair or replace it at no cost to the property owner.