Demolition of Buildings with Irreparable Damage Caused by Hurricane Sandy

The Department of Buildings (DOB)  performed detailed assessments of homes tagged with red and yellow placards.  For homes that sustained irreparable damage, a partial or full demolition may have been issued.  

A red placard does not mean a building must be demolished. Some buildings with structural damage can be repaired. Homeowners can hire and consult licensed professionals who can design repair plans.

A building will be subject to demolition if it is structurally unsound and poses an imminent danger to the public.  Examples are:
• an unstable building structure which may collapse
• a building that has shifted off its foundation

DOB attempted to contact each homeowner of a property tagged with a red placard to schedule a meeting to discuss the process before any structure is demolished.  If you did not have a meeting and wish to do so or have questions about the assessment, please call DOB at the phone number listed on the red placard sticker or at 212-393-2550.