Report Discrimination

You can report discrimination to the NYC Commission on Human Rights if you believe that you have been a victim of discrimination in employment, housing, public accommodations, or in lending practices.

You can also make a report if you have experienced a discriminatory act committed by a member of the public or by a law enforcement officer.

Discrimination includes the inability to access housing or public accommodations because of a disability, such as the lack of a wheelchair ramp or bars installed in a bathroom. Discrimination also includes bias-based attacks, threats, including threats of deportation by a landlord or employer, insults, or interference with basic rights committed by a member of the public.

You can report discrimination based on:

  • Race/national origin/color
  • Religion/creed
  • Age
  • Alienage or citizenship status (non-citizen or immigration status)
  • Gender/gender identity/gender expression, including denial of bathroom access
  • Pregnancy/caring for a child or sick family member
  • Sexual orientation
  • Disability, including failure to accommodate
  • Marital/partnership Status
  • Military Service
  • Employment
    • Domestic violence/stalking/sex offense
    • Arrest/conviction records
    • Credit history
    • Salary History
  • Housing
    • Children living in the home
    • Source of household income/occupation
    • Domestic violence/stalking/sex offense

You can submit an inquiry about discrimination with the NYC Commission on Human Rights. Once the inquiry is submitted, they will contact you with more information.

Submit an inquiry about discrimination.