Emergency Action Plan (EAP) Director On-Site Test

A candidate's supervisor (designated by the building owner) must make the request to schedule an on-site Emergency Action Plan (EAP) Director test. Candidates cannot schedule their own tests.

Exam Qualification

To qualify for the EAP Director on-site test, the candidate must:
  • Hold an F-58, F-25, or F-85 Certificate of Fitness as a Fire Safety Director for the building in question
  • Pass a 7-hour approved EAP Director course
  • Pass the EAP Director computer exam

Once all information has been verified by the Certificate of Fitness Unit, the candidate will have 1 year to take the on-site exam.

Exam Request

Before requesting an on-site exam, the supervisor must:

  • Ensure the candidate is qualified by the Certification Unit
  • Ensure the building has an accepted EAP on file with FDNY

You can request an exam by emailing High-Rise@fdny.nyc.gov, with the subject line "FSD On-Site request/Candidate's Last Name, First Name/Premises Address." In the email, you should also include:

  • Premises information, such as the type (ie, hotel, office), the address (including borough and ZIP), Building ID Number, and any Also Known As addresses.
  • Candidate's Information, including social security number and Certificate of Fitness number for the premises.
  • Additional requirements, including if the exam must take place outside of the regular start time, Monday-Thursday, from 10 AM to noon.
  • Supervisor's name, title, business address, contact phone number, and email address.

Exam Cancellation

All requests for cancellations must be submitted via email to High-Rise@fdny.nyc.gov at least 72 hours before the scheduled exam time. Please note "Request for On-Site Exam Cancellation" in the subject of the email. The email should also include the candidate's name, social security number, exam date, and premises address. This information will help expedite the cancellation.

In the case of hardship, the supervisor can request an emergency overtime test Monday to Friday after 5 PM or on Saturday. You must agree to cover additional overtime expenses.

No more than two candidates can be scheduled per day during normal business hours and on Saturdays. Only one candidate can be scheduled per day during evening hours.