Graffiti Report from Building Owner

As a building owner, you can request for a free cleanup of graffiti that is on your building. You can also learn about what your options are when someone else reports graffiti on your building.

When someone reports graffiti on a private building, the City sends a Notice of Intent to Remove Graffiti and a Forever Graffiti Free form to the building owner. If you are a building owner who has received these documents, you can:

  • Remove the graffiti yourself and report this within 35 days of getting the notice.
  • Wait for the City to remove the graffiti. The City will inspect your property starting 50 days after sending the notice. If the graffiti is still there, the City will remove it.
  • Decide to keep the graffiti and report this within 35 days of getting the notice.
  • Decide to be "Forever Graffiti Free." Submit this form to give the City permission to remove graffiti from your property any time it is reported. The City will not send you a Notice of Intent to Remove Graffiti before removing graffiti. You can submit this form at any time, even if there is not currently any graffiti on your building.
  • Ask for a 15-day extension if you want more time to decide how to respond to the notice.

City police officers respond to reports of graffiti done within the past 7 days or repeatedly at the same location. You can ask the responding officers to issue a police report for insurance or other purposes. If you want a police report, you must identify yourself and be available to meet the responding officers. This service does not result in removal of the graffiti.