Home Care Services

The City provides home care information and services to:

  • Medicaid-eligible adults
  • Adults who are not eligible for Medicaid
  • Seniors
  • Households with children
  • Individuals with AIDS or advanced HIV
Through the Home Care Services Program (HCSP), the City provides services to Medicaid-eligible clients by assessing medical need and determining the appropriate care required. General HCSP information is available as well as information on long-term home health care and managed long-term care programs.

The City also provides assistance for people 60 and older who are in need of personal care or housekeeping services and who are not eligible for Medicaid home care services. Assistance is also provided to senior home care recipients who need help with the benefits they are already receiving.

The City provides assistance for families who need home attendant services for a child, or an adult who lives with a child. For any household that includes a child under 18, an Administration for Children's Services (ACS) assessment is the first step to receiving Medicaid-funded home care services. Depending on the needs of the family, additional services may also be offered.

People living with AIDS or advanced HIV can also receive home care services if they are having difficulty with the activities of daily life, including walking, cleaning, and preparing meals.

The City accepts complaints about the type of care, quality of care, caregiver, or vendor agency provided to seniors by:

  • Expanded In-Home Services for the Elderly Program (EISEP)
  • Human Resources Administration (HRA) home care
  • Home attendant services for which clients pay directly