Inspection for Building Structures Damaged by Hurricane Sandy

If Hurricane Sandy caused significant structural damage to your property, you may request an inspection by contacting the Department of Buildings (DOB). The City only accepts requests for inspections of structural or hazardous conditions. If a request is made for a structural and hazardous condition that is determined by the inspector to be non-structural or non-hazardous, an inspection fee may be assessed.

Examples of structural defects include:

  • Walls, roofs, ceilings, stairs, or floors in danger of collapse
  • Inadequately supported buildings
  • Unstable fire escapes or chimneys
  • Bricks or debris falling from a building
  • Building struck by a large tree
    • Examples of non-structural defects include:

      • Damaged gutters
      • Damaged leader drains
      • Broken windows
      • Damaged property fence

      For additional information, contact DOB by calling the phone number for your borough.
      Queens: (212) 566-3587
      Staten Island: (212) 566-3227
      Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Staten Island: (212) 566-3625