Lost, Found, or Stray Animal

Animal Care Centers of NYC (ACC) accepts reports of lost, found, stray, or abandoned animals.

If you have lost your pet or found someone else's pet, you can visit ACC's lost/found pet database to report your lost pet or see if someone has reported their pet lost. You can also visit the Brooklyn, Manhattan, or Staten Island ACC Care Centers to see if your pet is being held there. If you are going to a Care Center to claim your pet, bring proof of ownership such as a photo of your pet or a veterinarian record. There are fees involved in reclaiming a lost pet from the Care Center.

You can also report found stray dogs; ACC will dispatch a team to pick up that dog. When the ACC dispatch center is closed, you should either hold onto the dog or bring it to the nearest ACC Care Center or receiving center.

ACC does not pick up or respond to reports about healthy stray adult cats, but will respond to reports of abandoned kittens. Any found pet or stray dog or cat can be brought to an ACC Care Center or receiving center during business hours.

Reports of animals that seem to have been abandoned by their owner are also accepted. These pets may be tied up in public for a lengthy period of time, or left in homes unattended after owners move or go on vacation.

Always use caution around stray animals. To trap an animal that is not injured or rabid, hire a professional trapper by checking the Yellow Pages under Animal Removal or Exterminator. You can also find professional trappers on the internet.