Marriage License and Registration

The City Clerk's office maintains documentation related to marriage and provides information and assistance related to this paperwork.

A Marriage License is required to get married in New York State. A Certificate of Marriage Registration is the official documentation of your wedding. You may request marriage legalization at any City Clerk borough office if you and your partner are over age 18 and have been issued a Marriage License.

A Certificate of Non-Impediment is issued upon request to be used as proof of unmarried status when getting married in a foreign country.

Inmates in the custody of the Department of Correction who want to get married must go to the Counseling Unit in their facility. The inmate's name is placed on a list by the counselor. The City Clerk's office comes to each facility periodically and meets with the individuals on the list. Inmates fill out their half of the marriage license at that time and receive further instructions from the Counseling Unit.