NYC Connected Broadband Technology Opportunity Programs

NYC Connected

The NYC Connected program consists of a series of initiatives that:

  • Enhance access to broadband services to underserved areas of New York City
  • Provide broadband education, awareness, training, and support to schools and other community organizations
  • Stimulate demand for broadband, local economic growth, and job creation

NYC Connected Communities

The NYC Connected Communities program expands the availability and capacity of public computer centers in New York City's highest poverty areas. It invests in libraries, public housing facilities, senior centers, and community centers located across the City. The program includes:

  • New and upgraded facilities
  • Equipment and resources
  • Extensive digital literacy training that emphasizes job readiness
  • Community outreach to publicize services offered, and support digital inclusion for all New Yorkers

NYCHA Computer Centers

The NYCHA Computer Centers initiative expands the availability of public computer centers in and around NYCHA developments. New labs have been set up at six NYCHA developments. Equipment has been added, and a new mobile computer lab called the Digital Van visits some NYCHA locations.