Parking Meter Complaints

You can report a problem with a parking meter:

Payment Problems and Refunds

The Department of Transportation (DOT) does not accept reports of meters that did not receive authorization for credit or debit card payment and, as a result, did not issue a receipt.

If your credit card is stuck in a meter, you should contact the bank that issued the card and cancel it. After you report the issue, a DOT crew member will be dispatched to the meter location to retrieve your card and have it destroyed. If you report a stuck parking card in a meter, DOT will retrieve it and mail it back to you.

If you had a payment problem at a parking meter, you can request a refund. For credit or debit cards refunds, you should first review your payment history to confirm that your credit or debit card was charged for the transaction in question. Often, financial institutions post charges after the date of the actual transactions.

Parking at a Broken Meter

When a meter is out of service, you should make a payment and obtain a receipt from the other parking meter located on the block or on the next block. If the other meters are not working, make sure to document the date, time, and meter numbers, in case you need to dispute a parking ticket. In a parking field, you should purchase a parking receipt from the nearest meter to the broken one.

If all parking meters on the block or the next block, or in a parking field, are broken or missing, you can park for the maximum amount of time posted for that metered space.