Plan Examiner Appointment

The City requires all applicants who have filed a construction job and have received objections to schedule an appointment with a Department of Buildings (DOB) Plan Examiner until all objections have been met and the construction plans have been approved. No construction may begin until all plans have been approved.

The following types of appointments are available:

  • Plan examinations 
  • Emergency plan examinations involving time limitations
  • Consultations on future building plans, before formally opening a file with the City
  • Reconsideration appointments for disapproved or rejected plans towards construction projects
  • Technical compliance unit appointments, zoning reviews, special enforcement, or special audit reviews requested as the result of an audit or official review
You will need to provide the following to schedule a Plan Examiner appointment:

  • Job and Document Number 
  • Attendee DOB ID and PIN Number

You may also schedule an appointment to have plans for a New Building or Major Alteration project in any borough reviewed at the state-of-the-art plan review center located in Manhattan at 80 Centre Street, 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10013. To participate, you must register for eFiling and contact the Development Hub at before submitting applications and plans electronically.