Retail Store Complaint

You can make a complaint about fraud or deceptive practices by retail stores. Complaints may include:
  • False advertising: Please keep a copy of the misleading or deceptive advertisement.
  • Overcharging.
  • Refusing an exchange, return, or refund: Businesses must post a sign indicating their exchange, refund, or return policy. Businesses must give refunds on unused, undamaged goods within 20 days of purchase unless a sign limiting the refund policy is posted.
  • Selling damaged or defective goods.
  • Not delivering goods or services.
  • Not posting prices or providing a complete receipt: All receipts must show the total amount paid, including a separate statement of tax, date, actual business name and address of the merchant, and the make and model of audio, photographic, and video equipment. Receipts must be itemized.
  • Providing an illegal receipt: By law, all businesses that accept payment by credit card must remove the expiration date and all but the last five digits of the credit card number on the customer copy of receipts.
  • Not posting credit card limitations.
  • Not providing layaway terms or ID requirements.
  • Selling prohibited items, such as box cutters, etching acid, tobacco products, or laser pointers to minors and toy (fake) guns that are not brightly colored.

The City does not accept complaints about employee behavior or rudeness.