Residential and commercial property owners are responsible for the condition of the sidewalk flags next to their property.

The City is responsible for the sidewalks next to its property, including public housing, public hospitals, public parks, public schools, libraries, City office buildings, and public shelters. The City also maintains the sidewalks next to many of the overpasses and traffic medians for City roadways.

Utility companies are responsible for maintaining the condition of the metal utility access covers which provide underground access to their facilities.

You can report damaged or broken sidewalks next to residential, commercial, and City-owned property, under overpasses, and on traffic medians or islands.

For sidewalks in front of residential or commercial property, an inspector will assess the damage and issue a Notice of Violation to the property owner if maintenance is required. For damaged or broken sidewalks in front of City-owned property, the responsible Agency will be notified. For utility access covers, the responsible utility will be notified.

If the sidewalk in front of your home is damaged due to tree roots, you may qualify for a free repair through the Trees and Sidewalks Program.