Car Service, Limousine, or Ambulette Complaint

You can file a complaint about a car service company's office staff, drivers, and vehicles, including:
  • Broken or missing equipment in the passenger car (broken air conditioning, heating, lights, windows, and seatbelts)
  • Cell phone use while driving, including use of a hands-free headset
  • Overcharging or demanding tips
  • Refusing your requests, including requests for pick-up, change of radio volume, heat, or air conditioning, or a company not providing a Wheelchair-Accessible vehicle when requested
  • Not driving safely
  • Treating you rudely
  • Dirty condition or bad odor in the vehicle, including cigarette smoke and body odor
  • Unlicensed business operating illegally or using unauthorized vehicles
  • Not displaying a license, or displaying someone else's license
It is against the law for a car service to refuse to pick you up because of race, disability, or destination within New York City, if you arranged the service beforehand through a company. A car service is required to drive you to any destination in the five boroughs, the counties of Nassau and Westchester, and Newark/Liberty Airport. Reportable car services include app-based companies, such as Uber and Lyft.