Tax Preparation Guide or Complaint

The City provides information about your rights when working with a tax preparer. The City also accepts complaint against tax preparers.

Consumer protection laws require tax preparers to sign every return with their true business names, provide a copy of each return to the consumer, give an itemized bill, return all personal papers to the consumer, and provide representation at any audit if that service has been promised. Tax preparers may not reveal any details of the return to any unauthorized person or alter any entries after the taxpayer has signed.

Tax preparers are required by law to give each customer a current legible copy of the Consumer Bill of Rights Regarding Tax Preparers for free before they begin discussing tax preparations. Tax preparers must disclose to customers that a Refund Anticipation Loan (RAL) is not a tax refund, but rather a high-interest loan against an anticipated tax refund. By law, any advertisement for a RAL must state that it is a loan, that the lender will charge a fee or interest, and it must identify the lender. The City accepts complaints about tax preparers that do not disclose legally required information about RALs.