Booting Company Complaint

You can make a complaint about booting companies that place wheel locks on cars.

Wheel locks, also known as boots, are used to enforce parking rules for private parking lots or streets by preventing illegally parked vehicles from being moved until a charge is paid. All booting companies must be licensed.

Booting companies may not charge more than $25 to remove the wheel lock from a car that was booted on a private parking lot. If a booted car is towed from a private parking lot, the car owner cannot be charged extra for the towing.

There is no maximum rate for booting on a private street, but those fees must be on file with the City and posted on signs at all access points leading to the public street.

Once the charge for removing the wheel lock is paid, the person who booted the car must remove the lock within 30 minutes of receiving a request to release the car.