Buy a Parking Card

The sale of New York City Parking Cards ended on December 13, 2018. Parking cards will still be accepted at parking meters throughout the city with no expiration date.

The New York City Parking Card is a pre-paid card that can be used to pay for parking at all City municipal parking fields, parking meters, and selected electronic single-space meters located in Long Island City and Manhattan.

To use the parking card, insert it in the meter. After you deduct the amount you need to pay, the new balance will be displayed.

Parking cards do not expire, and you can't refill them. You can use the card until the original value you purchased is spent. Discard after use. Refunds for any unused or partially used cards will not be provided.

You can combine parking cards to complete a parking session or combine with coins.  Follow the prompts on the meter for instructions.

If you already bought a parking card by mail or online, you will receive it by mail or FedEx. Your signature may be required.