Immigration Service Provider Complaint

You can make a complaint about businesses that provide immigration services. Complaints include:

  • Fraudulent or deceptive practices, including 10-year visa scams, offers to buy identification cards to prevent deportation
  • Failure to complete a written contract before providing service
  • Failure to give you a copy of each document prepared for you
  • Failure to inform you of your right to cancel the contract in 3 business days without penalty 
  • Failure to post a bond of $50,000
  • Failure to post a sign describing consumers' rights
  • Failure to disclose that individuals providing assistance are not lawyersImmigration service businesses cannot guarantee government action, such as the granting of residency, visas, passports, citizenship, or any other immigration status.

You can also anonymously report an immigration service business that is committing fraud or using deceptive practices.

Immigration service providers must disclose that the individual providing assistance is not a lawyer and cannot accept fees for giving legal advice, drafting legal papers, or reviewing documents for legality. Individuals providing assistance cannot represent you before immigration authorities. You can also make a complaint about providers' failure to disclose that they are not lawyers.