Job Training and Placement Services for Public Assistance Recipients

If you are a Cash Assistance recipient, you may be eligible for employment services to improve job readiness, gain employment, and achieve worker success. Employment services are provided through the following programs:

  • CareerCompass: Works with adult clients to assess their skills and experience, and helps in finding employment, training, or education programs as well as internship and community service opportunities that suit their skills and goals.
  • CareerAdvance: Offers career, education, and training services in specific industries and neighborhoods in New York City, or to groups such as those with limited English proficiency or older adults.
  • YouthPathways: Works with clients ages 18 to 24 to assess their skills and experience; provides career, education, and training services; and helps clients find programs, including internships and community service, tailored to the needs of a younger population.
  • Business Link: Works to match employers with job seekers who have the skills they need. The program hosts several job fairs during the year and offers job opening alerts by text message through TEXT 2 WORK.
  • TEXT-2-Work: Allows Cash Assistance and Food Stamp recipients to receive text messages about new job openings.