Laundry Complaint

You can make a complaint about a business that washes, dries, starches, or irons clothes, household linens, or other washable fabrics for the public or operates a public self-service laundromat with automatic or coin-operated machines. You can also make a complaint about:

  • Unlicensed activity
  • Inaccurate scales
  • Unstaffed laundromats that fail to post required signage with the business name and telephone number for complaints
  • Licensed laundromats that lose or damage your property
  • Businesses that charge men and women different prices for the same service

The City will not accept complaints about:

  • Lost or damaged items using automatic or coin-operated machines
  • Sanitation problems

Laundromats can set prices, including a charge for hot water usage, and must disclose prices. You must beware and shop around for the best prices.