Green Boro Taxi Complaint

You can file complaints about green boro taxi drivers, and vehicles, including:

  • Broken or missing equipment in the passenger car (broken air conditioning, heating, lights, windows, and seatbelts)
  • Cell phone use while driving, including use of a hands-free headset
  • Overcharging or demanding tips
  • Refusing your requests, including requests for pick-up, change of radio volume, heat, or air conditioning
  • Not driving safely
  • Treating you rudely
  • Dirty condition or bad odor in the vehicle, including cigarette smoke and body odor
  • Business operating illegally or using unauthorized vehicles
  • Not displaying a license, or displaying someone else's license

It is against the law for a taxi driver on duty to refuse to pick you up because of race, disability, or destination within New York City.

Taxi drivers are required to drive you to any destination in the five boroughs, the counties of Nassau and Westchester, and Newark/Liberty Airport.