Pedestrian Signal Complaint or Request

You can report a problem with a pedestrian signal, such as:

  • A Walk and Don't Walk signal displaying both symbols at the same time
  • A Count-down pedestrian signal where numbers are not visible or counting down
  • An Audible Pedestrian Signal where the audible tone for the blind cannot be heard
  • A pole that is leaning or damaged
  • A pedestrian signal that is blocked by a tree, construction sign, scaffolding, or other large object

Every problem or request is assigned a priority ranking. The Department of Transportation (DOT) will respond to your request based on that ranking:

  • High priorities are addressed within hours
  • Walk and Don't Walk signals displaying both symbols at the same time are responded to within 48 hours
  • General maintenance issues may take up to 30 days
  • Long-term construction issues will vary depending upon the nature of the project
  • Signals with a power supply problem will be issued a Stop Tag and referred to Con Edison

You can request the installation of new pedestrian signals and audible pedestrian signals for the blind. You can also request a review of the timing of a pedestrian signal. These reviews can take up to 16 weeks, and you will receive a response after completion.

You can report a Walk and Don't Walk signal displaying the symbols at the same time on the DOT website. To report all other pedestrian signal conditions, you must call 311.