Property Tax Abatements

There are several types of property tax abatements including the Cooperative and Condominium Abatement. A member of the board of directors, a managing agent, or another official representative of a cooperative or condominium building applies for this abatement. Owners must have purchased the apartment on or before January 5th to be credited with the abatement starting the following July.

Individual unit owners who want to apply for any of the NYC property tax exemptions should complete the Homeowner Tax Benefit Application.

• Eligible units in buildings where the 2016/17 application is postmarked on or before March 2, 2016 will start receiving benefits July 1, 2016.

• Eligible units in buildings where the application is postmarked after March 2, 2016 as well as eligible units in buildings that submit a 2017/18 application will start receiving their benefits on July 1, 2017.