Hepatitis B

You should get tested for Hepatitis B if you:
  • Were born, or your parents were born, in a part of the world where Hepatitis B is common (Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe, Middle East, South East Asia, South America, and the Caribbean)
  • Are pregnant
  • Live with people who have Hepatitis B
  • Have sex with people who have Hepatitis B
  • Are a child of a Hepatitis B-positive mother
  • Have abnormal liver tests
  • Have other forms of hepatitis
  • Have HIV
  • Are a man who has sex with men
  • Have ever injected drugs or shared drug use equipment
People who get should get vaccinated for Hepatitis B include:
  • All babies at birth
  • All unvaccinated children under age 19
  • People with chronic liver disease (including Hepatitis C)
  • People who live with someone who has Hepatitis B
  • Men who have sex with men
  • People with more than 1 sex partner in the last 6 months
  • People whose sex partner has Hepatitis B
  • Health care workers
  • People with HIV, or who have a history of having a sexually transmitted disease
  • People who inject drugs
You can get treatment if you have Hepatitis B. Medical treatment for Hepatitis B may slow or prevent development of liver disease.

You will be helped regardless of your immigration status.